What is DigiMed?

At eSiddha we have introduced a revolutionary wellness therapy by combining the ancient energy based wellness solution with modern system of delivery using the power and reach of the Internet. ‘DigiMed’ allow us to make wellness solutions accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Traditional wellness therapies such as Chi, Prana, Qi, etc. have been practiced for thousands of years across different cultures. These aim at bringing the Body and the Mind into perfect harmony and channelizing the positive energy that exists within all living organisms. Our Wellness Principle is based on harnessing SUBTLE ENERGY within your system where the correspondence between the energy source and your body and mind is done via digital technology.

All ancient Energy Wellness therapies relied on two important components Sound Patterns (Bija Mantras) and Images (Yantras). Gaining access to these in the modern world is difficult for any individual and hence we have digitized the Image & Sound Patterns to make it affordable and accessible to one and all. This real-time access to wellness solutions helps you in creating balance between your Body and Mind whenever you want.