Scientific Basis

eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ revolutionary model of wellness services works on the following basis:
  1. The principle of subtle-energy,
  2. The principle of sound and image patterns,
  3. And the eSiddha℠ DigiMed™ principle.

1. The principle of Subtle Energy:
The Ancients have long known and used the principle of subtle energy for the well-being of the body and mind. Subtle energy is termed as Chi in china, Prana in India and Qi in japan. Today, many modern scientists have acknowledged the scientific basis of subtle energy and published their work to support its use. “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” written by a renowned scientist, James L. Oschman, provides a scientific explanation of Subtle Energetic Exchanges in all therapies. “Life Force, the Scientific Basis” by Dr. Claude Swanson, physicist at MIT and Princeton University, is an outstanding account of Subtle Energies. “Science and human Transformation” by Dr. Williams A. Tiller, a professor of Material Sciences and Engineering at Stanford University and a proponent in the field of psychoenergetics, addresses subtle energies beyond the four fundamental forces. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine’s website, found at (, holds a very rich resource on the subject.

2. The principle of Sound and Image Patterns:
The Ancients have provisioned the use of sound and image patterns, known as mantras and yantras as key instruments carrying subtle energy used for the wellness of the mind and body. In modern times, Cymatic (the study of the relationship between sound vibration and geometric shapes), pioneered by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny, has evolved to Cymatherapy. Cymatherapy was initiated by Dr. Peter Guy Manners and it uses sound and images for the mind and body wellbeing. In his book “Messages from Water” Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, published his extensive work on how the mind, thoughts and emotions can change the form of water crystals.

3. The principle of Memory Signature:
Jacques Benveniste’s, a French immunologist who was awarded two “ig” Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, published an article in 1988 that had attracted a huge attention, mainly because it hinted at a potential mechanism that could be used to explain how homeopathy works. Just like the idea that water may somehow retain the memory of a substance that it no longer contains. So far, homeopathy uses manual methods with human intervention for its capture and transmission process.

On the basis of these three principles, eSiddha℠DigiMed™ has revolutionized a proprietary formulation process that consists of capturing the subtle-energy signature of wellness solution, transmitting it, and then activating it into a digital geometrical and audio pattern. This innovation is a new frontier into combining modern science with ancient energy technology. This is the beginning of a revolution in the digital world where wellness solutions can be reproduced digitally.