Sri Pranaji,

A world prominent authority in the fields of subtle-energy and siddha medicine. He has pioneered the revolutionary model of DigiMed. Sri Pranaji is:

  • Founder and Director of Siddha Applied Science Institutes (SASI) (
  • President of the Siddha Varma Kalai Society Of Malaysia (
  • Author of “Varmatherapy for Autism” – A Parent’s Guide.

AbdalQyum Roh

AbdalQyum Roh,

An entrepreneur and digital technologies expert, has developed the eSiddha® Service Delivery Model – Click & Cure!® – to enable full access to DigiMed, in the most convenient way possible, to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere in the world. AbdalQyum Roh is:

  • An IT professional, IT Projects & Services management certified.
  • An expert researcher in the field of Digital Therapies.