Our Story

Sri Pranaji has made a bold attempt to revolutionize the concept of subtle energy by bringing it into the digital world, through the invention of a very sophisticated DigiMed™ proprietary process. This innovation is a frontier between methods of modern science and ancient energy technology. This is the beginning of a new revolution in the digital world, where wellness solutions can be reproduced through digital transmission.

DigiMed™ has been under development for the last 15 years and has undergone many tests until finally, it was optimized and perfected so as to achieve wellness goals. In the early stages, this technology has faced many challenges, especially when it came to creating the digital images and audio tracks responsible for recreating energy from a mobile device. The breakthrough emerged upon successfully implanting subtle-energy into a digital image filled with audio to recreate the similar energy pattern of the intended substance. DigiMed™ wellness solutions are successful and time-tested thanks to their unprecedented effectiveness and at the same time their safeness to the environment.

To ensure optimum delivery of DigiMed™ to clients, the eSiddha℠ breakthrough model of online service delivery, i.e, Click & Cure! has been developed to enable full access to DigiMed™, in the most convenient way possible, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. eSiddha℠ has established a new paradigm in the holistic wellness industry, mainly its incomparable features which are: 24/7 online service availability, great practicality for its clear, simple and easy to use, it’s reliable and provides customers with free trials to try and judge for themselves on the spot. The eSiddha℠ model is cost effective as it provides the best value for your money.

eSiddha℠ enables access to a wide variety of DigiMed™ including DigiMed™ of Night for Sleep, DigiMed™ of Venus for Beauty, DigiMed™ of Vigor for Man, DigiMed™ of Brain for Intelligence, DigiMed™ of Ease for Relief and DigiMed™ of Calm for Peace. This is just the tip of the iceberg as further research is underway and will bring about even more effective wellness solutions in cutting edge Digital Medicine.


Sri Pranaji,
A world prominent authority in the fields of subtle-energy and siddha medicine. He has pioneered the revolutionary model of DigiMed™. Sri Pranaji is:

● Founder and Director of Siddha Applied Science Institutes (SASI) (www.siddhainstitute.com).
● President of the Siddha Varma Kalai Society Of Malaysia (www.varmamkalai.org).
● Founder of Pranashakty International (www.Pranashakty.org).
● Author of “Varmatherapy for Autism” – A Parent’s Guide.

AbdalQyum Roh
AbdalQyum Roh,

A student of Sri Pranaji, he has developed the breakthrough (Click & Cure!) service delivery model of eSiddha℠. AbdalQyum Roh is:

● An IT professional, IT Projects & Services management certified.
● An expert researcher in the field of Digital Therapies.
● Founder of Siddha Complementary Alternative Medicine (www.SiddhaCAM.com).