Q1. Does DigiMed™ have any side effects?

DigiMed™ is essentially a subtle-energy based wellness solution, and as such, when used as per instructions provided, its totally safe and very well tolerated.

Q2. Is DigiMed™ related to any sect or religion?

DigiMed™ does not belong to any religion or sect. DigiMed™ is designed purely based on the science of subtle energy and uses the laws of nature and universal truth. People from over the world, with different religions and backgrounds have been benefiting from DigiMed™.

Q3. Can DigiMed™ be used while taking medical treatments?

Yes. DigiMed™ basically works on the energy body and aims at balancing the energy processes of the body while the orthodox medicine deals with healing of the physical body. Therefore DigiMed™ not only does not interfere but also best complements the medical treatment. in eSiddha℠ we believe in an integrated approach to healing. This means that DigiMed™ is not intended to replace orthodox medicine rather to complement it. So if the ailment is severe or the symptoms persist, you are highly encouraged to consult a medical doctor.

Q4. Wont energizing the water through the mobile be harmful?

Mobile emf is low and not absorbable by material objects. Also, DigiMed™ significant positive energy is likely to nullify any harmful effect if exist.