Safe with no adverse side effects

Our time-tested ancient wellness solutions are now digitized, automated and remain safe.

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Paying much less for far more

We offer you our wellness solutions at the most affordable prices. Use DigiMed™ for a fraction of the price you would need to spend elsewhere.

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Free Trials to test and validate on the spot!

We don’t make gratuitous claims, but we offer concrete results clients. Test our wellness approach on the spot and enjoy the numerous benefits.

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Clear, simple and easy to use

Feel eSiddha℠ power of simplicity, and enjoy using wellness solutions with great ease.

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Significant & quick results

If it were not for its extraordinary efficacy, then why would we have invested so much?

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24/7 Online Service

Available for access Anytime, Anywhere.

At eSiddha℠ we have transcended time and distance boundaries so as to make our wellness solutions available to you wherever and whenever you need it.

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A revolutionary Model of therapy is emerging: “Subtle-energy exists as the active force of life in all living organisms”. A master of this model can, therefore, re-program the configuration of Mind and Body towards a state of wellness. On the basis of this model, eSiddha® is your online wellness service provider enabling you with access to a variety of digital subtle energy-based wellness-solutions, called DigiMed®. Enjoy!

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